Montessori philosophy

Here you’ll find some insight to our conventions and our general methodology.

Practical Life Theory and Application

This area of the classroom is a well prepared environment that allows for the child’s natural development through everyday living skills using carefully designed activities and lessons. Some activities in this area include various materials to pour water, string objects, baby washing and dressing.


In this area the teacher provides various math experiences that exist throughout the classroom. There are various Mathematical materials and activities in the classroom that create a Mathematical mind.


Through using materials that teach language, in addition to lessons and conversations that are encouraged daily on circle, the Montessori teacher creates an environment where children are free to express themselves. In addition, the Montessori teacher ensures and encourages the natural development of literacy skills during sensitive periods of development.

The Peaceful Community

The Montessori teacher has proficient classroom management techniques so that harmonious interactions occur which will allow for optimal learning and development.